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Roofer Bromley

Welcome to Weather tight Roofing Expert Roofing Company and  roofer in the Bromley and Chislehurst area.  For all your roofing needs, call G&A Roofing & Building Services.

If you are searching for a established reputable roofers in Bromley then you have found the right roofing company, G&A Roofing & Building Services was founded many years ago and in 2004 the company went limited.

We have vast knowledge in leak detection, fault finding and all types of roof repairs and EPDM flat rubber roof replacements including insurance work, leaking chimney work and repairs, emergency repairs, guttering flat roofing contractors, fascias, soffits, VELUX windows, lead-work and new roofs. We are Professional reliable roofers in Bromley and Kent.

Each roofer will undertake a method and risk assessment on every project we carry out, no mater how small or large the job is, we also offer urgent and emergency roof repairs throughout Kent. We cover a 25 mile radius around Bromley and Chislehurst, so call us today and speak to the real roofers about your roofing repairs.

So if you you’re looking for a trustworthy and efficient roofer, you can put your trust in G&A Roofing & Building Services in Bromley, call us today on 0207 205 5785.

Storm Damage Roofers Report? Insurance Claim Bromley?

We are happy to undertake insurance work, roof inspections from a slipped and broken tiles, damaged guttering, chimney repairs, VELUX window installation to a complete re-roofs and roofing repairs, we also carry out insurance reports and surveys, our roofers reports and surveys will insure your claim is settled quickly. Call us today and speak to our trained emergency roofer serving Bromley about your insurance claim today, direct billing subject to contract and excess.

EPDM Rubber Flat Roofing Contractors in Bromley:

EPDM flat roofs are made from rubber and manufactured by Firestone, the Tyre people, they have been tested and tried over a 50 year period, they are one of the most reliable flat roofing systems on the market today, proving to be a quality product providing they are installed by a competent roofer based in Bromley or Kent. EPDM rubber roofs are resistant to extreme weather hot or cold, hail or sunny conditions. EPDM roofs are easy to repair in an emergency and easy to service, We also fit flat roof  windows, skylights, lanterns and sun tunnels and flat roof window domes and we also carry out EPDM rubber flat roof inspection, reports and surveys.

Fibreglass Flat Roof Emplacement and Roofer Bromley

With a well-fitted fibreglass flat roof by a trained roofer, you’ll be sure to benefit for many decades to come Fibreglass flat roofs are also known in the trade as GRP flat roofs, or Glass Reinforced Polyester. They are pleasant to the eye and are very practical and popular in Bromley and Kent, they are easy to install and repair including emergencies. They are fire resistant and can last up to 50 years if fitted correctly by the right roofer, they remain stable in all extreme weather conditions and withstand extreme temperatures.

Built-Up Felt Flat Roofer and Repairs Bromley

Felt roofs are often found on garages, porches, balconies and roof terraces, they offer an excellent cover in cold and warm seasons. These versatile flat roofs are made from layers of durable felt. Felt roofs can last up to 35 years if maintained by a trained roofer, they are thermally efficient and tough, these flat roofs are also known as built-up bitumen felt roofing or bituminous three or two bond flat roofs, easy to maintain repair in an emergency.

Leaking Flat Roof Bromley

Has your flat roof sprung a leak, if your flat roof leaks, give us a call we might be able to patch repair it saving you money on a new roof.

Chimney Stack Repairs and Re-builds By Expert Roofers in Bromley

If your chimney leaks or has been hit by the recent storms, call the expert roofer and chimney builders. We can repair, refit pots, cowls lead-work and fix leaking flashings, fitting back gutters, remove unwanted aerials and much more, aerials can sometimes cause a lot of damage to chimney stacks, they often act as a sail, pulling stacks over and damaging roofs, if you have an aerial that’s not in use, it might be a good idea to let our roofer remove it.

Chimney Pots and Cowls Installation 

The majority of chimney pots and cowls styles were made during the Victorian times, between 1800 and 1900, they’re not just for looks and decorative features for Victorian homes! These chimney pots and cowls are in use all over the country today, they suit all types of homes and buildings that range from Victorian pots and cowls to traditional and modern.

What should I do if a Bird or Squirrel is nesting in my chimney? Here are some tips from our roofers

It is quite common for birds and Squirrel to nest in chimneys, sometimes they become trapped. If you become suspicious that a bird or squirrel has become trapped, we advise that you should NOT attempt to remove them, you should call the professional to do this job. wild birds and their young are protected by law.

Gutter Cleaning and Replacement Repairs by Bromley Roofers 

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? Your guttering is an important part of your roof, your guttering is there to channel rain water away safely in to the down-spouts and into the gullies, they should be cleaned at least twice a year by a competent roofer, regular gutter cleaning can prevent emergency call out repairs, clean guttering protect the fabric of your home or business. Bromley Guttering and gutter Cleaners are professional and are reputable, we offer prices no other company can match or beat. We clean gutters, down-pipes and drains.

Fascias and Soffits in Bromley and and Kent

For quality soffits and fascias, we are the roofing team for you. We install swish, Summit and Permacell and many more high quality makes. Each roofer at G&A Roofing & Building Services is trained in the installation of Fascias and Soffits, we don’t just fit and install fascias and soffits, we also clean them. The cleaning of fascias and soffits can really brighten up a home.

VELUX Roof Window Installation Kent and Bromley

Roof windows can transform any darken area in the home or business place, they can be fitted within a day in most cases.  We are velux roof window fitters, we also install sun tunnels and flat roof windows, so if you’re thinking about a new roof window, give us a call. We are a leading Velux roof window fitting company in Bromley, we also fit skylights and roof lantern, fitting Velux products for Home owners in Kent and surrounding areas.  We are experts at skylight installations. We have over 10 years of experience in installation roof windows. Our roofers are trained in all Velux products. We are committed to providing a first-rate service for customers and before the roofer starts any work each roofer will always undertake a risk assessment

VELUX Sun Tunnel Installers in Bromley

Let the light flood in. Sun Tunnels can let the light flood in and completely transform a dingy dark room with a VELUX Sun Tunnel. Sun Tunnel are fitted through your roof and through your ceiling, supplying your property with extra natural light.

Lead Roofers in the Bromley Area

With years of roofing experience and work, we have earned a prestigious reputation, in the area for being an honest and reliable roofer who provides an excellent standard of work at all times So when you are in need of an emergency lead roofer in Bromley, call the experts. Our repairs have a guarantee in writing. Our expert teams of lead roofers are trained to the highest of standards across every area of lead roofing, and can be applied to both residential and commercial buildings.

Buying a home or property in the Bromley Area?

When you want to purchase a house or other property, it is advisable to have a proper roof inspection carried out by a professional roofer. A roof survey is far more comprehensive and detailed account of the state of the roof than you would have form a generic property survey. A qualified roofer look at all aspects of the roof and list, in detail each section together with the recommended works, if any. This way you can gain an accurate picture of the state of the roof, enabling an informed decision on whether to purchase or not.

Roofers Reports and Roof Surveys in the Bromley District

We offer an extensive roof report and survey for your home or business to determine all the concerns and likely issues that you may encounter. With many years experience with roofs and their fittings and fixtures, our roofers can provide an accurate and definitive document.   A roofing survey will identify any problems or any potential repairs needed. A roofing report can help you save money in the future; we check timbers, rafters, chimneys stacks, lead-work and flat roofs. If you are buying a home or property in the Bromley, we can provide an independent roofing report and survey to help you negotiate with sellers.  Buyers usually instruct a surveyor but if you have a roofing report that’s been provided by a professional roofer, it can help you save money and headaches later down the line if you buy.

Roofer Inspection, Reports and Surveys Bromley and the surrounding Areas

Our roofers will complete detailed roof surveys in order to provide you with a thorough and all inclusive roof report. Roof reports can help in insurance claims as well as being extremely helpful when you are looking at buying a property. A good roof report will highlight all areas of the roof inside and out, and list any suggested repairs or maintenance that would be required to bring the roof up to scratch.  Our roofers will not only detail issues that are prominent at the time but will also detail likely occurrences and problems based on the evidence at the point when they do the survey. All parts of the roof will be checked for signs of rot, damage, wear and tear and faults to give you the most accurate and inclusive information possible on your roof.

Emergency Roofers and Roof Repairs in the Bromley Area?

If you have a leak through your roof or if your roof is damaged to the point of being a risk,  insurance companies will usually class it as an emergency situation. Our emergency roofers are on constant standby to carry out your emergency roof repairs, 7 days a week. You may need urgent repairs on your chimney stack, guttering, roof tiles and slates and our emergency roofers are fully qualified and able to do all your roofing works. Be aware all roofing works are weather permitting , our emergency roofers will also carry out temporary repairs to help get your home leak free and safe.

Premier Industrial and Commercial Roofers Contractors Bromley.

G&A Roofing & Building Services carry out all  industrial and commercial roofing services. We have experience with cladding metal roofs, flat roofs and corrugated systems and more. We maintain and carry out roof repairs to workshops, factories, warehouses and much more. All our emergency roofers are trained in industrial and commercial works. With over 27 years in business, who else can you trust. Whether you are a small independent work unit or a national company in Bromley, we can help. We are extremely Health and Safety conscious and make sure that each Bromley roofer will undertake a risk assessment for commencing any work, for full details on our health and safety policy, get in touch today for a professional industrial and commercial roofing service.

Bromley Roof Cleaning Services

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, protecting your property and belongs, so it is vital that it is functioning and kept clean. If a roof and home is not kept in good clean condition and isn’t maintained on a regular basis it can fall into disrepair which can lead to expenses later on. Our roof cleaning service in Bromley will help to maintain and protect your roof for many years to come.

With many years’ worth of experience in the roofing industry, we can provide the necessary expertise together with high quality workmanship and professional roofers throughout Bromley.

We carry out a wide variety of roofing repair and maintenance services in South and South East London, we provide roofing  work to residential properties as well as, shops and commercial buildings, we also offer a emergency roof repair service for responsive and fast roof repairs. Talk to the roofers, remember we cover Bromley.

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Roof Inspection and Maintenance by Quality Roofing Contractor

Large roof repairs can be costly so it can make all the difference if you take the time out at regular intervals to inspect your roof for any damage. Spotting and dealing with issues when they are relatively small can save you time and money and help prevent more damage occurring

Roofers Surveys and Maintenance and Things to be aware of

It is always a good idea to keep a visual check on your roof from time to time. These quick checks can spot areas of concern like tiles that are misplaced, slipped or damaged in any way, moss build up, cracks in gutters and other signs of deterioration. It is much cheaper and easier to replace a couple of tiles on your roof than to wait for leaks or bigger repairs to develop. Our Bromley roofers are only too happy to help you with any roofing works so call us when you see something wrong with your roof.

Chimneys and what to look for:

As well as your general roof, remember to check your chimney as well, look for problems with the brickwork such as crumbly cement, loose fitting bricks and cracked mortar as well as, flashings that look deteriorated and old. These are all signs that some work needs to be carried out and catch it early to save money on bigger expenses later on.

Slate Roofs in Bromley

Slate roofs are sought after because they are not only pleasing to the eye but offer hard to beat protection for your roof. Modern slate is resistant to fungal growth, fire, water and chemicals and will last a lifetime of installed properly.

Tiled Roofs in the Bromley Area

There are a huge variety of roof tiles made from varying materials and in different shapes and styles to suit urban, rural, modern and older properties alike. Make sure you consult with one of our roofers who can help you by providing you with up to date and first hand knowledge of the tiles available and suitable for your home or business.

Flat Roof Leak Detection in Bromley:

Having a leak can be devastating to your property so it is imperative that the leak is found as quickly as possible with as little disturbance as possible. That’s where our leak detection experts come in, our roofers can find leaks no matter how small so call us today.

Loft Insulation and Top Up

You can lose up to 25% of heat through the roof so it is essential that you have adequate insulation to prevent this occurring. We can complete a full insulation or just top up on your existing insulation.

Roof Rafters and Trusses Bromley

A fully trained roofer will be able to fit rafter to the roof although it is possible to purchase ready made rafters to make the job easier.

Delamination on Slate Roofs – Bromley

Bromley has many properties with slate roofs. Slate is a hard wearing and attractive roof tile but, given enough time even the most durable slates can start to show signs of wear and tear. An issue that can often be seen in slates is where the layers start to crumble and become soft, peeling away from the slate tile and disintegrating. This is known as delamination. If you catch the delamination early it can be possible to save the slate tile, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on your slate roof.  If you do see the signs of possible delamination, call Weathertight Systems for an assessment, advice and a quotation.

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